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Those 2022 Feels

Still truckin'.

Just a little check-in after a few years. This update is about half a year overdue as you can see by the title, but better late than never, right?

Yeah, we’re still kicking around. And hey, it’s Sockdulieber’s first appearance! His real name’s Blaarton. Don’t worry – no matter how often you hear from us, we’re still here. Time does keep marching on, though, and life is never static. We’re bigger, older, different… Would you believe Tater is the well-adjusted one and I’m the grouchy curmudgeon? These years have done odd things to us. Who knows what the next years will do?

Introducing: This Is Canon, a periodic Meadowhawk art feature

Well hello there. I had a thought.

You good people wait around here for new Meadowhawk stuff. I love you for it. Seriously. You’re my peoples and I am grateful for every one of you.

To that end, I figured, why not post something besides a comic strip, if I don’t have a strip to post? I DO have a picture of the characters, in their world, being themselves.

Enter This Is Canon, the new thing where I post Meadowhawk art that isn’t necessarily a strip.

*The title is tongue-in-cheek; while many of the pictures I post are indeed canonical to the strip and its world, some will inevitably not be. Some are just for fun. If you can’t tell which is which, that’s okay! It’s alright to ask for clarification. I am far from a master of clear and consistent storytelling.

So here’s the first one. Tater and Drizzle in some sort of artistic ‘promotional’ photograph. Maybe this was taken for some interview they got on behalf of The Truth About Dragons. I do not know! The text on Drizzle’s shirt implores you to don’t.

Click the picture and it should open up a full-size image.

Tater and Drizzle pose for a photograph