11 thoughts on “There Oughta Be A Law

  1. Another Heavenly Nostrils reference.

    And those last comments remind me of some times at college’s one “good” on-campus restaurant, why couldn’t they have installed the touchscreens before I graduated?

  2. I have to wonder if this is where this is going… sockdulieber and Drizzle get really close and decide to meet in person. Sock is surprised to find she’s a dragon and it becomes an issue. This becomes an issue for Driz and Tater and at least one Truth about Dragons results from it.

      1. Noticed that after the post, but if you squish a wing its bound to get uncomfortable for a while, for the dragon, also remember, some dragons may not care, a.e. dragon bullies or jerks.

  3. Gotta ask, what’s with the design on Drizzle’s hoodie? I know it as the one that Robby wears on Gravity Falls. Is that a reference to that specifically, or is that design more common than I knew?

    1. Naw, it’s specifically a reference to Robby’s hoodie! I’m a fan }:> But if I saw the design on a rack, it’s still one I’d probably wear even without knowing the show.

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