The Future

Hello, dragonwatchers.

Writing this strip requires me to find and use a kind of whimsy from inside of myself. It is a necessary ingredient to even step into the mindset I must be in.

With what is happening in my country now, I am honestly not sure that whimsy lives in me anymore.

We have allowed the hopeless among us to elect hopeless leaders. Already they’re gleefully dismantling every aspect of governance that has protected myself and the people I love.

There are no bright eyes on tomorrow, anymore. Certainly not mine.

I love you, and I love this strip. I will not let it go easily.

But the light inside of me is dying.

I cannot tell stories of dragons without that light.

I will try, and that is all I will promise.

I have a few strips in the works that I will finish up and post. They should be up soon, but they should’ve been up long, long ago already.

I can’t say what will happen. I’m sorry for that.

Thank you for your kindness.

That’s all for now.

9 thoughts on “The Future

  1. I most definitely sympathize. As things are going, I will be without medical coverage – and at the age which the chances are fairly high I will need it.

  2. I felt the exact same way. One thing I do know, however: If a problem made by the Federals gets severe enough, something will be done about it. You aren’t the only person in the country who has feelings like this, so perhaps this common feeling will be a power.

    And besides, you still have access to entertainment and such.

  3. It may likely still be a hill we can climb over. Look forward to, well I’m not sure what myself. I need to meditate somewhere safe. You’re big important to me, (and I’m not clueless or twisted for feeling this way) I want you to find a relief, a calm and a happy, I hope sometime more comes to you quickly.
    Luck be on our side.

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