Monthly Archives: May 2014

Going On Hiatus

Don’t be afraid, my peoples. You knew this might happen someday. It’s time to be brave.

No, seriously it’s not a big deal – but I’m going to pause work on the strip for a bit longer. I’m having a devil of a time juggling my artistic priorities at the moment, and as amazing as it may seem, I actually have some stuff going on that’s more pressing than my beloved dragons! It’s a wonderful problem to have. I’m actually quite proud! But as I have some illustration work to take care of, I’m going to be taking a little time off from the strip.

Meadowhawk is NOT going to get canceled, there are no plans of that sort, so do not worry. I assure you I am only getting started. Thanks for a great first year, dragonwatchers. I’m grateful to everyone who’s been a fan, and I promise, there will be much, much more when I return!