This Is Canon – Tater does “Desire Gets In The Way” at karaoke

Now generally Tate’s not big on karaoke. But this did, in fact, happen. And it was beautiful.

Loosely from left to right, the lines are: “Know it’s not easy”, “I can’t lie”, “I kind of like the pain”, and “Before it consumes me”.

sketches of Tater singing at karaoke
Tater does an American Football song at karaoke.

The song in question:

3 thoughts on “This Is Canon – Tater does “Desire Gets In The Way” at karaoke

  1. Could fire control and voice control be linked skills? I’ve never imagined Tater to have the most comforting voice, I suppose I connect the broody bothered types with snogged voices thanks to cartoons, but his calm and into it faces here make me think he might sound a bit sweeter.

  2. sorry I’m a bit late, but happy anniversary for this post. I know life has been in a lot of ups and downs, sometimes mostly downs, but one hopes that you can smile eventually and make it through life. Hope things have been okay, and that you’ve been able to smile a bit 🙂

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