The Invulnerability Presumption

A lot of people sing this song. Presumed indestructible due to their confidence. They hurt too, often silently.

4 thoughts on “The Invulnerability Presumption

  1. The idea your pain doesn’t register and another doesn’t have that capacity for that same pain, is a failing.
    What if they never want to show that sadness to those they care about. Never want you to see that hurt. Control themselves enough to seem beyond that emotion. To put on the face of a flippant clown or obliviousness. When inside they feel every sting as sharply as your own.

    They just would rather no one be watching when the tears come.

  2. Tater really needs to get a clue and Driz needs to start taking Tater more seriously. It is painfully obvious to everyone but them that they like each other in many different ways, but Tater has his Singular Focus on.

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