9 thoughts on “Idle Speculation

  1. Ermagard indeed. Except there’s really more to it than that. Drizzle was so tone-deaf as to think somehow combining Thrones and The Truth about Dragons would solve the problem. That’s pretty upsetting, really, TV crush aside.

  2. I don’t think Tater just realized he has a crush. I think he realized something else (related to Thrones of Ermagard) and that’s the point at which their thoughts broke approximation. There’s suspense.

  3. I’m hoping that Tater is finally realizing that there is something more to Drizzle that he wants than just a friend. Guys always come around later than the ladies, in this case one panel. Hopefully he can figure all this out in time. Of course, then there is the other side, Drizzle. Just cause Tater has a crush on her, doesn’t mean she returns his feelings.

    What a slap upside the face that would be. Tater figures it all out, runs out of the house to profess that he is an idiot and tell Drizzle his true feelings only to have her say, “Sorry, but lets remain friends.”

    Ouch indeed.

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