8 thoughts on “Drizzling On The Parade

  1. I have those sometimes, but… I’m also highly optimistic for the future. I think we’ll figure something out. Even if some of the solutions are less-than-elegant “In Case Of Global Warming, Break Glass” solutions. … which will probably have their OWN consequences further down the road…. =/.
    But photovoltaics are starting to *finally* get really good. Electric cars gaining more and more traction.
    And who knows? Maybe we’ll figure out room temperture superconductors soon. If we can make those easily, that’s gonna save a LOT of energy issues.
    ‘Course, I’m also a physicist/scientist, so I suppose I admit it’s also partly my responsibility to help find solutions, whether medical or material or whatnot.
    I really feel like we’re on the cusp of another *huge* tech boom. Like the industrial revolution, maybe, but towards more refined things-safer techs, better materials, cleaner energy.
    I suppose the eternal optimist in me just feels we’ll be okay. We have to work at it, of course. But as stubborn and destructive as our species can be, there’s also evidence that altruism is an innate, and not just a learned, quality. Even if we’re somewhat at the whim of our animal instincts-altruism is *one* of those.
    And that alone gives me hope.

    .. Bah this was ranty and sounded preachy, apologies! XD

    1. Keep working at it! That’s one thing about me; I have high hopes for the future regarding technological transhumanist scientific progress. Therefore I’m pursuing working in at least semi-relevant fields.

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