In The Wee Hours

Don’t you hate it when you stay up all night, and the sky turns that horrible grey color an hour before sunrise, and you realize you’ve wasted all the dark? Β The sky outside is -that- color in this strip.

11 thoughts on “In The Wee Hours

  1. Even when you know some questions remain, knowing there is somebody understanding that loves you makes it easier.
    Those that have gone where you are just walking. Those still on that same journey as you, just farther along.
    You are in it together and they will always go back and hold your hand when you need.

  2. sh*t

    I wish I could find some comfort in the last panel.

    Some of my stresses – and the crazies in the news – have me wondering again if I will fail in some horrendous way.

  3. Huzzah for Drizzle not being a bad person. And yes, when I see that colour of sky I usually get a terrible look on my face, and berate myself for messing up my health / sleep and stuff. Not fun.

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