12 thoughts on “Crush In Aisle 8

  1. I’m dealing with more and more confrontations like this on a daily basis. In today’s increasingly sociopathic world, having someone understand you this well is a small, joyous victory.

    (Ironically, the more juvenile issues are the ones that are harder to deal with)

  2. But… But… You’re supposed to wring out the tension for three seasons, then put them together, then hastily undo it some time later due to audience reaction!

  3. This shows a level of maturity between the two close friends. How they can talk about personal crushes and understanding that it has complications without falling into long dramatic beats. They lay feelings on the table and stay friends when understanding is met. Refreshing.
    How a crush being turned down doesn’t mean a relationship has to end or allow things to blow up into a personal rejection war. It’s just one saying they had a physical/mental infatuation, the other understanding but turning it down, and the two still being buds.

    And Driz and the child. A little moment that helps show the casual nature of the scene.

    Great work.

  4. *finally makes a comment*
    that reminds me of how i broke up with a girlfriend.
    though that was over the phone in seperate states.
    Good to see those two are so cool with each other.

    Driz you is cool for helping that girl. Lets hope she
    didn’t give her a rated M game lol

  5. Arrrrgh, life doesn’t work this way damn-it! You think with dragons there would be flames here! Awwwwww Drizzle doesn’t want him as a boy-dragon-bestest-ever-friend-with-benefits. Okay she does except that last benefit things. Oh well. Good fantasy. Good on Tater for taking it so well.

    1. With the way the internet is structured, and the access many children face to the internet, with personal phones and iPads and stuff, I’m not sure it really matters anymore.

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