17 thoughts on “Change Of Plans

  1. I’m with Tater here, at least with Game of Thrones… Just too much. I mean, I’ve read all the books, but they made the show more directly brutal. And unlike Breaking Bad, I didn’t need to keep watching to know how it all ends, because I’ve read the books.

  2. I’m over 40 and I still don’t know how to deal w/ people that capricious sometimes.
    In my late-teens/early-20s, when I was less mature, I tended to drop people like that after a while. It was too mentally exhausting for someone like me, who wanted Reliability ™.~

  3. Okay, I swear this time I’m going to make a serious comment. 🙂

    Poor Tater… he takes this so very seriously, but Driz considers it a lark, and uses it to shake tailbooty. Then Driz watches a show that Tater considers a dubious representation of dragons. Tater’s learning that not everyone shares his deep earnestness.

  4. Poor Tater! It’s always frustrating when your friends want to go do things that you don’t enjoy. And the way his tail and ear… things… droop. =(

  5. I know! Tater should try to find a good pen and paper group! Not Dungeons and Dragons, though,t hat might be too cliche, and, uh, too close to what he’s been worried about.

    Perhaps Mutants and Masterminds. (Which I’ve recently fallen in love with, since the powers are, instead of a list, more along the lines of “Here are legos. Build the mechanics of the powers, then fill in the ‘fluff’ however you want. Do you want to be The Pugilist, A mystical fistomancer with elemental control over the power of punching? Able to make fists appear sight unseen and punch evildoers/dangerous objects? GO FOR IT.”) Perhaps he could get Drizzle and Dana to join. Though with them wrapped up in Thrones, that might be difficult.

    /I am being very silly here, I realize. =)

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