22 thoughts on “A Matter of Traffic

    1. It appears that the average dragon is about 7-9 feet tall, or the length of a car.

      Though that fella in front looks more like the size of a truck.

  1. I like this, as someone else said, for giving a good idea of scale.

    … Also it is highly amusing. I love the second to last dragon’s expression. He/she looks REALLY uncomfortable.

    … Also I have no idea what twerking is, so I suppose I shall have to look that up.

  2. I’d like to find whoever came up with the word “twerking” and give their nipple a good, hard “twerk”! I’ve worked in a strip-club* and it’s called “dancing” people. That’s all, just “dancing”.

    *Yeah, yeah… Didn’t say I -liked- it!

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