So I’m moving. Right.

Well, lately I haven’t drawn ANYTHING since my ‘drawing arm’ has become my ‘screwdriver arm’, my ‘pliers arm’, and my ‘lifting heavy things all afternoon’ arm. By the time I actually have time to draw, my body is in full rebellion.

So dang. This basically means I’m ALREADY falling behind in strips, AGAIN. Which means that even MORE people are going to think my comic strip “isn’t updated that frequently” when, in fact, it is updated ALMOST every week on average. Someday, I swear, I am going to shed myself of the notion that my strip “doesn’t update much”. It -does- update much. I swear to you. It LOOKS like it doesn’t because I was being an IDIOT and BACKDATING my strips because I retroactively published them with dates 3 months prior to when I was actually doing them. And I wrote a journal about this, but nobody reads that journal apparently.

Anyway, that’s the bottom line. You get nothing until I’m done moving. I know. I’m angry about it too. But there’s no way around it.

With Animosity,

4 thoughts on “UGH

  1. Understood. May your move go well, and may you not have that nagging feeling of “Frig I am missing something what is it wahat is it WHAT IS IT!” because that feeling suuucks.

  2. You are bringing my imagination into reality, nothing less. I’m not sure how I can ever repay you. If you ever want some original Meadowhawk art, all you have to do is poke me

    1. It’s my honor to do so }:> Thanks for being along for this ride!

      And we love fanart! If you give permission, we’ll totally retweet it from the @MeadowhawkComic twitter!

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