Hey peoples!


Just thought I would take a minute to ask – is there any feature you -wish- this site had, as a Distinguished Personne Of Thee Webcomic Fancy, that it is conspicuously missing?  Please let me know if there’s any way I can make this thing work better for a busy reading audience and I’ll try to do it.  I have an extremely helpful Support Dragon on hand in case of anything more complicated than two years of web design in tech school can teach you to tackle… But I digress.  Tell me, here or anywhere – Comment or send me an email or whatever!  I’m new to this comic hosting thing!  At least in -this- capacity.  Like, with people watching.


Oh, and also I wanted to note that I’m jussabout finished with the next strip to go up.  Which leaves me still several weeks in the past but I’m getting there, I swear.


Take care, and lick live well!