Now Taking Suggestions For Site Features!

Hey peoples!


Just thought I would take a minute to ask – is there any feature you -wish- this site had, as a Distinguished Personne Of Thee Webcomic Fancy, that it is conspicuously missing?  Please let me know if there’s any way I can make this thing work better for a busy reading audience and I’ll try to do it.  I have an extremely helpful Support Dragon on hand in case of anything more complicated than two years of web design in tech school can teach you to tackle… But I digress.  Tell me, here or anywhere – Comment or send me an email or whatever!  I’m new to this comic hosting thing!  At least in -this- capacity.  Like, with people watching.


Oh, and also I wanted to note that I’m jussabout finished with the next strip to go up.  Which leaves me still several weeks in the past but I’m getting there, I swear.


Take care, and lick live well!



6 thoughts on “Now Taking Suggestions For Site Features!

  1. -Little Bios in the About section. They can be expanded as characters and relationships change. Links to strips pertaining to character points might help.
    -Location Bios is a new one. That way a reader can know if something is mentioned offhand by looking there (Links to the locations first appearance). As when a character mention I’m heading to the ‘castle’ later on, they’ll know what is meant.
    -Dragon Facts. Tidbits about the rich dragon history and how a modern world made haagen dazs better than hoarding gold. (Unless you use that gold to hoard ice cream bars)

    Keep strong and enjoy what you are making!

    1. Thank you! <3

      Character Bios is something I have planned - I've been wanting to draw little profile pictures for each character, but I realize now that doesn't stop me from writing the descriptions.

      Location Bios I hadn't thought of! I will see about adding a page for notable locations 🙂

      Don't worry on the Dragon Facts front! The current story arc is very rapidly building towards a decision by our heroes that will result in a great deal of revelations about dragonkind. In some cases, they're as curious as you are, how it all came to this...

      1. Think in the future you can have a Fan Art section and a changing ‘Donation Image’ to show the growing level each month.
        Drizzle Drops: Musings and mentions.
        Forums and Merch Store…. all with steady, moderation.

        I think you will do well.
        Stay healthy and steady and always be ready.

  2. A comic buffer! It’s hard to overstate how important this is. Many fans would rather see strips come out less frequently if that means they come out more regularly. If your site continues to run fresh material for a couple years after you retire to Greenland/central Australia/Chad/Antarctica, that’s just an extra bonus.

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