8 thoughts on “Tater’s Flight Journal vol. 3

  1. I believed that this would happen today, and you’ve done it! 😀 Thank you very much for doing this. They all look so cool, so good. And Tater’s tense muscleclenched belly in the first frame is really cool and cozy seeming because it’s unusual and special to him and your dragons, their body shapes. This is such a facetingly comforting comic.

  2. Just a question for down the road, are you going to try to do a comic based on the Olympics featured this year. If dragons are integrate into society, are there Olympics for dragons and people as well, and maybe they have one for both, i.e. combined talents. Just a question for later this fall.

  3. Hooray Tater!!

    This makes me wonder about how humans view dragon flight in this world. Does the server know why they’re celebrating? Do humans feel jealous of dragons for their ability to fly? Do they have anything to compensate for it aside from dominance over society–which is to say, anything intrinsic?

    It makes me wonder–how should society’s moral leaders guide people in a case where one group has a clear biological advantage over others? What lessons can they wield to keep jealousy and rivalry from festering?

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