Lost In Translation

GRARRGHH = Merciless Bloody-Toothed Ones –> the Salad family

RRGH RGHRHHHGH = Bone Snapper –> the Goodsportsmanship family

FGRRHRHGHGHRRRRR = They Sear Life To Death With Flame –> the Shinyredballoon family

18 thoughts on “Lost In Translation

  1. Devourer of Farmlands=> Fluffykittens!

    I love this. So much. And I can so see a certain other dragon, from another comic, helping come up with some of those ‘human-friendly’ names.

  2. So what did Smudgegaard used to be? Something relatively inoffensive I imagine.

    “Those Who Purposely Rub Their Feet On The Carpet Before Shaking Hands”

  3. On an unrelated note: I really like how you seem to have put a *lot* of thought into this world you’re creating, and how dragons have changed their names over the years, and stuff. I love little bits of world fluff and history like this. So much.

  4. “How about we rename to ‘ShinyRedBalloons’? That’s harmless, right?” “No! Think about the color red! They’d think we were all…. reddish. Like blood and rawr and…” “No, Arargh, for the last time I told you we are NOT naming ourselves the ShinyFuchsiaBalloons”

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