10 thoughts on “Lifespans

  1. Losing someone while you go on, can be a terrible pain. Like you have been give unasked time, while the one you cared for lost their own.
    This was a nice informative example for the viewer, also giving an understanding that a long lifespan comes with a price in a mixed world.

  2. This changes things in a fascinating way. And I assumed Thrones of Ermagard just set unrealistic standards for dragon physique!

    I wonder how Driz and Tates know Daniel and Abe. Maybe just by reputation, but then I wonder how they heard of them and why they chose this particular pair to highlight.

  3. If that was me, I would tell y dragon friend to not let my death bring him down, I would tell him to make new friends, and I would ask him to stay close to my family.

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