This is a comic about dragons. ┬áModern dragons who, if asked to account for dragon lore, would cluelessly click to the same wikis you or I would for a quick refresher. Dragons for whom words like ‘pillage’, ‘slay’ and ‘burninate’ are the names of faraway concepts, found only in musty histories of dubious accuracy.


These are dragons who have only been around as long as you or I (so far). They know as much about their Middle Ages forbears as we know about our tribal ancestors. Heck, they -barely- remember a time before the Internet. Their world is ours – one of transit, information, billowing population centers, and complex caffeinated drinks. Their worries are ours – Am I selfish, am I spoiled? Am I a good person? Am I making the Earth better or worse by being here? Who or what am I supposed to be?


The post-industrial era of (relative) peace and prosperity has provided a great deal of leisure time for once-thundering lizards to ponder their place in the cosmic scheme of things. With the dawning of a new millennium comes a blossoming new awareness of our intertwined histories, with terms such as ‘Dragon Privilege’ entering the global lexicon.


The dragons in this comic have no better tools than we for determining their place in all of this. With friendship, thoughtfulness, and a little help from the Internet, they will seek a 21st century understanding of who and what they are.

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