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So Here’s The Deal

I’m still producing the first strips of this comic.  I decided, for whatever reason, to start posting the strips on Saturdays since the creation date of the first one chronologically landed on the first Saturday of the year and that seemed like a Good Round Number.  So my OCD was placated, but my urge to slack off was aggrevated, because now I don’t have a backlog – I have a…. whatever the reverse of a backlog is.  I’m -already- behind in strips and I haven’t even finished posting all the strips I’ve done yet.  What?  Exactly.

So here’s what I’m going to do… post THIS, right NOW, to let you know I’m alive and this site is alive and this comic is alive.

Then I’m gonna post a few of the strips I have done (there’s, like, maybe 4 or 5) each Saturday until I get current.

So basically bear with me!

Meadowhawk Site Initiation GO!

Hey all y’all!

Nikki here.  I’m just getting this site set up.  Please bear with me as it’s my first time using ComicPress (or AnythingPress) so there might be some hiccups or style oddities until I iron everything out.  Don’t hesitate to let me know.  But don’t be rude either.  Actually, do hesitate, but still let me know.

If everything goes well, I’ll be uploading strips soon.  I’m going to be brutally honest – I’m shooting for a weekly-updated strip, but large swaths of the recent past have shown my attempts in that direction to be laughable.  So I give up – I’ll post weekly when I can, but it’s not gonna be every week probably.  At least not at first.  Maybe later.

Stick with me, though – as puttery and half-dead as this site may APPEAR at first, this is where it will be at.  Comic-wise.

Love always,

Nikkiface <3