12 thoughts on “There Oughta Be A Law

  1. Another Heavenly Nostrils reference.

    And those last comments remind me of some times at college’s one “good” on-campus restaurant, why couldn’t they have installed the touchscreens before I graduated?

  2. For some reason after reading this one, I just keep thinking that it must be tricky to sit in a human booth with tailbutt. Is that wierd? O_o

  3. There could be a post-apocalyptic movie based on fast food overlords that demand you always know your order.

  4. I have to wonder if this is where this is going… sockdulieber and Drizzle get really close and decide to meet in person. Sock is surprised to find she’s a dragon and it becomes an issue. This becomes an issue for Driz and Tater and at least one Truth about Dragons results from it.

  5. I am more concerned by how the wings just kind of fall behind int the other booth, must be uncomfortable sitting behind a dragon.

    1. They don’t, though! Wings are fairly flexible; if you look close you can see Drizzle has them squished up behind her, in her side of the booth.

      1. Noticed that after the post, but if you squish a wing its bound to get uncomfortable for a while, for the dragon, also remember, some dragons may not care, a.e. dragon bullies or jerks.

  6. Gotta ask, what’s with the design on Drizzle’s hoodie? I know it as the one that Robby wears on Gravity Falls. Is that a reference to that specifically, or is that design more common than I knew?

    1. Naw, it’s specifically a reference to Robby’s hoodie! I’m a fan }:> But if I saw the design on a rack, it’s still one I’d probably wear even without knowing the show.

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